Is Your Billing Department Efficient?

Jamie Claypool, CMPE


It is unfortunate, but many physicians do not know the answer to the above question. Generally, the efficiency of the billing department is not questioned until there is a cash slow down. Being pro-active about the efficiency of your billing department is the best way to keep it efficient and to prevent cash flow issues.


Business owner physicians should have some knowledge of what actually goes on in their billing departments. Too many times doctors simply rely on trusted staff, without understanding the basics of billing or how to monitor the billing area. For the most part, staff are trustworthy, but a better job is always evident if someone is looking at the work and asking questions to monitor the efforts of your employees.


Here are 5 things you can do to measure the efficiency of your billing department:


Jamie Claypool CMPE is a board certified practice management consultant who has contributed valuable advice and consultation to Texas physicians of all specialties. She is a noted authority on process improvement in physician offices. Currently, Ms. Claypool is president of the Spicewood consulting firm J. Claypool Associates, Inc. 512-264-3323